The Kids Emergency Card for kids in Preschool and Elementary school from Feuerlino®

The Kids’s Emergency Card is a kid friendly tool combining a List with important information for kids to follow in steps in case of an Emergency (Family members, Ambulance, Fire Department and so on) …

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In Germany and in all of Europe the services of the Fire Department and Ambulance are free when one calls 112.

Preparation and prevention are the best fire safety. Kids Emergency Card for prevention and assistance with the aim of ensuring that children practice the emergency number 112 correctly and know how to get help in an emergency …

European 112 Day is an international day that is annually held on 11 February.

Emergency Call 112
in europe

What 4 W questions go with the emergency number 112?

The specially trained dispatchers will help the caller and emergency workers/first responders during the Emergency situation while on the phone.

The most important W is “Wher“e. This question is not to ask the question where do you live but rather “Where” is the location of the emergency? It is not always the case that the emergency is where the child lives.

The second step is “What has happened” Here is where the hope is to get the child to express what is happening, for example “Its burning in my room” “My friend had a Bike accident” so this way the dispatcher can send the correct emergency assistance.

The „who“ for „who is calling“ „who calls in an emergency“ loses its meaning because the phone number of the call is transmitted.

Something that also needs to be said is that the “Who” with children can help with building a personal level of trust and conversation with the child. With a more personal connection one can help the child calling to become calm within a stressful situation.


Where are you right now?

What’s your Emergency Fire,
Medical und where exactly
is the emergency?

Playground, Town, City, Home …


What type of emergency is it?

What has happened?

a fire, an accident …


Who is calling in the emergency?

Please say your name loud and clear.


Do not hang up!

Wait for an answer,response!
Help is on the way.

Kids Emergency Card


Emergency Card from Feuerlino – download, print and fill out here.

Here you can now download, print and fill out the children’s 112 emergency call card. Preferably together with your children, then you can speak to the emergency number 112.

Preparation and prevention are the best fire safety.

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